Montessori E-News, May 2


Don’t Miss Out on Our Special Guest Speaker!1

Laura Flores Shaw
Tuesday, May 17
6:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. : M9 Cactus Ceremony, Upper Piazza
7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. : Presentation, Lower Piazza

Learners for Life
How Montessori education builds lifelong learning

IMG_0334When we think of mentors, we probably all can conjure up an image of an amazing teacher or coach that had a lasting impact on our lives. I wonder if you can reflect back on engaging in that dynamic with a peer? While I certainly hope you have such a memory, chances are your school was not set up to encourage peer mentorship. Montessori schools, however, are the perfect place for this one on one tutoring. First we have mixed ages in our classes and, therefore, varying levels of competency in both social and academic skills. The older students can set the example and actually tutor their younger classmates. Mentorship also happens in Montessori because as a child-centered environment, the students are free to step in to assist others not dependent on the teacher for the only example. The open ended curriculum also helps foster mentorship as younger students can seek out new academic challenges and older students can consolidate skills by teaching their younger peers. It is often said that one way to improve a skill is to find someone who has mastered it already and watch how they use the skill.

Each day our children get to learn from the older students or their master teachers. We observe as they watch the older children with admiration and learn from their model. As for the class elders, they benefit from being a mentor as well. The experience builds their confidence and fosters their motivation. Their learning is also reinforced as one of the best ways to truly learn a task is to teach it to others. That is a lesson that we, as Montessori teachers, learn each day!

Montessori Magnified
An up-close look at Montessori at HSC

IMG_0351Dr. Montessori wrote extensively about the amazing capacity of the young child to absorb language. We are reminded of that every day when we listen to our young toddlers and CASA students expressing themselves with enhanced vocabulary and more complex sentences. Their language development is not restricted to English as French is part of our curriculum from age 3 and up. Mme Strychar uses songs, games and a series of signs for frequent vocabulary words. The children learn words in related groups, such as, clothing, colours or foods. By the time they are sixes, the students are beginning to read in French. Every class has French materials on the shelf so that the children can practice during regular class time.

Each spring, our eights perform a play, with accompanying songs, entirely in French for their families. We were treated to that wonderful experience last Wednesday when the students were delighted to share their production with us. Our language exploration is not limited to French, in after school activities our children have explored both Mandarin and Spanish. Their capacity for language is broad at this age and stage.

If your family speaks another language at home, we strongly encourage you to keep up the practice as it not only enhances their facility in another language, but also builds their connection to their culture. The study of languages is one of many ways that our students  can increase their understanding of world culture and we are sure that Dr. Montessori would endorse that!

Pride & Joy

Montessori Graduates play Juventus in Venice, Italy

Charlie and Dino Bontis have been kicking a soccer ball together since they were old enough to walk. Both are ‘HSC Lifers’ and continued their passion for soccer upon entering the Montessori program. Joining Charlie and Dino were another dozen student-athletes who helped to create HSC’s own soccer dynasty. Coach Hourigan took the team through several years of undefeated CISAA play before passing the baton to Coach Ward-Doran in the Middle School. Charlie and Dino are members of the U13 CAIS team that went undefeated towards a national championship last fall.

Last week, the boys competed with Toronto FC Academy in a high-profile international soccer tournament in Italy. Amidst visits to the canals of Venice and Juliet’s statue in Verona, the Bontis brothers took on some of the best youth soccer teams in the world.  The tournament featured such infamous soccer clubs as Inter Milan, AC Milan, Ajax, Anderlecht, Kashima Japan, Bayer Leverkusen, FC Porto, Paris St. Germain and others.  One of the highlights of the tournament was a thrilling game in front of a full stadium during which Toronto FC tied powerhouse Juventus 2-2 – a result that no one would have ever predicted or dared to believe was possible.

M4 Student Saving the Earth

One of our M4 students found a paper plate on the floor in the dining hall last week on Earth day.  She brought it to the attention of her teacher that she could reuse the paper plate and turn it into art.  Even our youngest students are learning the messages and importance about saving our planet.

Values in Action

One of the most genuine and reflective parts of the Montessori program is how seamless and integrated the values program exists within our curriculum.  It is not a forced or scheduled activity or thought, but a celebration of what we do as a culture and pedagogy.  The spontaneity of the students embracing our values has been highlighted lately.  We celebrate the compassion and empathy shown by Oliver DeBoer and Neyk Amin as they developed the “Helping Hands” campaign within our College, gathering soaps and shampoos from students and staff alike to donate to those in need. They ventured out on Friday, April 29 to bring their donations to Welsley Urban Ministry. We celebrate the generosity of all our students who thoughtfully collected items to donate and the philanthropy of our two eight year old boys.


For Earth Week, many students past and present took initiative and shared with our school their passion for the world, discussing how to keep it safe and clean. Five Middle School students, Nyla Knapp, Sophia Imerti, Sophia Prebtani and Rachel Boucher, all Montessori graduates, as well as, Peri Giacomelli came to share information about marshes and their importance to our environment. Their dynamic and informative presentation was wonderful to see. I’m sure they’ve inspired many of our younger children to learn more and to be mindful of protecting this important biome.

Naiya Amin and Max Miller presented important information about how to conserve within our own school. They spearheaded the GOOS (Good On The Other Side) paper initiative to help our school mindfully conserve our paper.  In the dining hall, they demonstrated leadership skills, as they gently reminded our students how to properly compost and where their garbage needed to go, in an effort to ensure our compost was useful and clean. Well done everyone for participating and understanding their important message!

Recently, the Environmental Committee Leaders from the Middle School, Mathew Maridan and Will Fraser, Montessori graduates, and Amaani Khan visited to discuss the role of the Environmental Committee and how we can help preserve our earth. They returned to teach students how to make paper pots and planted seeds to grow new trees. We appreciate how they took time from their busy days to connect with our students, inspiring our children to be advocates for the earth.

It is evident that our Montessori students past and present are strong ambassadors of our College, who embrace the values and character necessary to be positive citizens of our earth. We celebrate all of our philanthropic students and take pride in knowing that our pedagogy played a role in nurturing their passion and commitment to their beliefs.


Purple Power Day

On Friday, May 13, there will be a College-wide alternative dress day. Students are asked to wear purple clothing for purple power day.

Long WeekendThe College will be closed from Friday, May 20 to Monday, May 23 for the Victoria Day Break. Classes will commence on Tuesday, May 24.

HSC: Community of Fashion Show
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Bigger and Better: Homecoming 2016
Homecoming 2016 will be bigger and better than ever! Don’t miss any of the action, and be part of this special two-day event. Here are some highlights and ways you can get involved:

Hektor’s Home Run
Register now for the 1 km or 5 km races. Registration starts at 8:30 a.m. at the tennis courts. Race starts 9:30 a.m. after the grand opening ceremonies. Sign up here:

Grand Opening of the new HSC Tennis Courts
Join us as we open the new HSC tennis courts. Opening ceremonies begin at 9:00 a.m. on the tennis courts.

Inaugural HSC Community Tennis Tournament
Great prizes and fun to be had for the tennis enthusiast. For more information and to sign up e-mail Leah Fraser at

Alumni Athletic Games
Attention Alumni! If tennis isn’t your game, join in with one of the other sports on offer. Show off your athletic prowess with slow-pitch, rugby or soccer (futbolito). To sign up e-mail Leah Fraser at

Athletic Hall of Fame Awards & Homecoming Reunion Dinner Celebrating Classes ending in ’1 and ’6
Celebrate athletic accomplishments and reunite with former classmates at this wonderful evening of reconnection and reminiscing. Register for the Athletic Hall of Fame Awards and Homecoming Reunion Dinner by visiting
HSC Alum Steve Paikin ’78 will MC. All alumni and a guest are invited!

Registration is now open for HSC Summer Camps!  Please visit our website for more information.

HockeyCampNewsRegister now for the HSC Pro Hockey Camp to spend one week with current and former NHL players that will help your learn new skills and improve development. Please visit our website for more information.