Montessori E-News, January 11


Learners for Life
How Montessori education builds lifelong learning

I am sure that over the past few weeks you have had the chance to view our MontessoriIMG_9685 Graduate/Advocate display in our main hallway. The framed photos are a sampling of past Montessori students or supporters who have contributed in varying fields including the arts, technology, business, and education. Once our children understood Taylor Swift and Stephen Curry did not actually attend Montessori here at HSC, they loved learning about these former Montessori students with whom they share a community. Many parents have commented that while the group is diverse, creativity and innovation seem to be a common theme in this eclectic mix.

When Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were asked by Barbara Walters to identify their path to success, the interviewer assumed the two would identify the fact their parents were college professors. The two said it was not that but rather that they were both former Montessori students. They expressed that this shared experience enabled them to be self directed and self starters.

Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos, excelled in a Montessori class that allowed him to get engrossed and engaged in a task. Bezos sees Montessori as an environment that creates a discovery mentality. This was echoed in the Harvard Business Review, which noted that the curiosity instilled by a Montessori Education encouraged the development of many innovative entrepreneurs.


While he did not make the wall this time, many of you have pointed out to us that Prince George recently attended his first day at a Montessori School last week. (His paternal grandmother, Princess Diana, was an assistant in a Montessori school before she married.)

Montessori truly is a global pedagogy that has served both its past, present, and future students!

Montessori Magnified
An up-close look at Montessori at HSC

Technology compliments hands-on Montessori materials within the classroom by integrating IT into their exploration of the curriculum. 

At the Lower Elementary level, technology is primarily used in the social sciences program, as a tool for research. Carefully chosen videos can provide students with up close views and insights to their natural and cultural world. Sometimes a short video can have a big impact on the child’s interest in this subject and help to spark new research questions and topics. 

Once a student has a topic of interest and generated research questions, they use databases to find resources. Searching websites is conducted within our HSC firewalls and is monitored by the teachers. Evaluating appropriate resources is an important life skill that students develop within the social sciences curriculum.  When they have completed their research, they then work towards publishing their work. There is a variety of ways students can achieve a final product, such as, books, posters, PowerPoint presentations, online blogs, and videos.

The use of technology is purposeful and supports the Montessori curriculum in fostering the child’s sense of intellectual curiosity.  

Pride & Joy

IMG_9344We would like to welcome Mrs Arrigo-Rawding (Mrs A) to the Montessori toddler community.

Report Cards
Thank you so much for the survey feedback on our new report cards. We appreciate your comments and the fact that the changes were well received by our parent community. Your comments were helpful in our reflection on the system of reporting.

Toy Drive
Thank you for all of your generous toy donations to our Christmas toy drive in support of Wesley Urban Ministries.

Williamsburg Concert
On Wednesday, December 16, the M8s and M9s visited The Williamsburg Uptown Senior Living in Burlington to entertain the residents.

Christmas Concert
Thank you for your attendance at our annual Christmas Concert. We hope you enjoyed all the hard work and time your children put into making such a spectacular performance.

Santa’s Visit
Some highlights from our special visitor from the North Pole.

Values in Action
As we begin a new year, we reflect with our students on a year past and the hopes for the days to come. We discuss the tradition of making a new year’s resolution and the process of setting goals for the new academic term. Self-reflection and goal setting are important aspects of our Montessori curriculum and resonates with our program at this time of year.

To add to our conversation with the students, we added the presentation of our Montessori Promise Pin. The introduction of the pin is the culminating symbol of our reflective discussions regarding how we want to be as Montessori students at Hillfield Strathallan College. As previously explained, the students generated the promises and we have created a poem which best encapsulates their words. The beautiful tree pin is a symbol, which we hope to place on the students’ chapel sweaters as a reminder of their commitment to be a good person at home and school. Perhaps, you saw the summary of our promise in the recent publication of the HSC Review? We ask that you, as our parent partners, support our efforts by discussing the promises they have made and reflecting on how they choose to embody these words. At school, we will engage with the students about the poem and how it is to be a reflection of their personal behaviour.

As we hope these pins will travel with the students as they grow through the years and travel from the Montessori School, to the Middle School then to the Senior School, we ask that you please care for them in an effort to ensure that they remain part of your child’s uniform. If they can respect their pins and keep them safe for their time with us, they will be able to wear them with pride on their blazers over the years as a consistent reminder of their special time and experiences with us in the Montessori School.

We thank you, in advance, for your support and look forward to seeing your children grow and carry us with them over the years.


Parent Night – January 20, 2016
The Montessori Edge:
Distinctive Characteristics of A Montessori Education
Come and join us for an evening examining Montessori Education and its inherent academic, social and emotional benefits.

Topics will include:

  • An examination of both Montessori and Ontario Curriculum benchmarks
  • Development of self-regulation/executive functioning skills
  • Character and value development

7 p.m. – M6 to M9 Lower Elementary, Upper Piazza
8 p.m. – M3 to M5 Casa, Lower Piazza
*Followed by time in your child’s class

Topics will include:

  • How the Montessori Toddler curriculum supports language development, independence, and coordination of fine and gross motor skills

7 P.M. – 18 months to 36 months Montessori Toddler

Alternative Dress Day
There will be an College-wide alternate dress day on Friday, January 22 in support of International week.  Please have your child wear the colour of their heritage.

Stepping Up to Middle School
There will be an orientation meeting for the parents of the M9 students on Tuesday, January 26 at 7 p.m. More details to follow.