Hillfield Strathallan College – Agent Access September 2015

International Admissions

HSC 2014-2015 A year in review

HSC Tour Video and New  Brochure!
Hello partners! Our school year is now well underway and our recruitment season is about to shift into high gear. To better support the work that you do on our behalf, we have updated our tour videos, international web pages and international brochures. Please take a look at our website at www.hsc.on.ca, or watch the videos below!

Hillfield Strathallan College is Traveling to Asia
Representatives from HSC will be arriving for the Education Expo on October 29, 2015.  We will be visiting with partners in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and will end our tour in Korea at the Canadian Education Fair on November 9th and 10th.  Please contact Sheriann Heath-Johnston at heathsh@hsc.on.ca to book an appointment for a visit!

HSC announces International Recruitment Goals for 2016-2017
As HSC continues our strategic commitment to welcoming a small and diverse group of visa students to the College, we are keen to fill a limited number of reserved seats with students from multiple countries.

We are keen to accept visa students who will be arriving to Canada to live with family to join our College from 18 months to Grade 8.  ESL programs are created on an individual basis based on the level of support required with a private ESL instructor.

Our Senior School welcomes students who would like a family boarding, or homestay experience.  There are currently 10 seats reserved for Grade 9 visa students, and 8 seats reserved for Grade 10 Students.  Students keen to join us in Grade 11 and or 12 will be considered on an individual basis based on prior study experience where curriculum is/was fully taught in English.

Applications are now being accepted.

Education Week, September 2015

This September, students from all four schools were involved in a variety of activities for “experience” week (E-week). These experiences include leadership training, camping, canoeing, university tours, and science and entrepreneurial excursions. Watch the video below for our students’ reflections on their E-week trips in 2014.

Welcome to our 2015-16 College Prefects!

The 2015-16 College Prefect Leadership Team

Celebrating leadership and community service is a time-honoured tradition at HSC. In recognition of the important role these values play in our community, the College officially welcomed our 2015-16 Prefect team on Friday, September 18 2015.

HSC students gathered in the Page Gym for the College’s annual Prefect Installation Chapel Service and watched as 12 Senior Students received their Prefect pins and ties. HSC Prefects spend the academic year connecting with and supporting their peers. They work to build community and to uphold College traditions. This year’s team is organized to allow for individual Prefects to pursue duties specific to their passions, talents, and skills.

Congratulations to our College Prefects for the 2015-16 school year:

• Joshua Rudolph – (Head Boy) Academic Prefect
• Jennifer Armstrong – (Head Girl) Montessori School Prefect
• Bianca Beraldo – Service Prefect
• Daniela D’Ambrosi – Junior School Prefect
• Holly Hamilton – Female Athletic Prefect
• Laura Kain – Wellness Prefect
• Gabrielle Lamy – Media and Public Relations Prefect
• Zoe McMillan – Arts Prefect
• Tate Ruse – Male Athletic Prefect
• Matthew Tutty – Middle School Prefect
• Rachel Webber – Spirit Prefect
• Mitchell White – Chapel Prefect

A Message from CAIS – Canadian Accredited Independent Schools
Each Fall Anne-Marie Kee, CAIS Executive Director writes a letter to be shared with  parent and alumni communities explaining the value of our membership in the national CAIS (Canadian Accredited Independent Schools)  organization.

We are pleased to share this letter with you, which can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Towards 20/20 Strategic Planning Community Update


This past spring, faculty and staff joined to celebrate the culmination of a full year’s progress in all Eight Directions of HSC’s Strategic Plan Towards 20/20. It was a great way to finish the year feeling confident and highly enthused about the work everyone accomplished. We are pleased to share with you an up-to-date progress report that showcases samples of the strategies in action, and provides a sense of their scope and scale. Click HERE to view the flip book version of the August 2015 Strategic Plan Update.

We now move on to year two of the plan with a revised committee structure and mandates to carry us forward. In this report you will learn, as well, about the new leadership structure of the College, its purpose, role descriptions and the people who have taken on the responsibility.

Senior School Student Awarded Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award

HSC congratulates Grade 11 student Scott Gingrich on the receipt of his Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. Scott received his award on Saturday, May 23 at the Toronto Police College in Etobicoke.The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a non-­competitive program where participants meet personal goals in four areas—community service, skills, fitness, and adventure. The award is open to all Canadians ages 14 to ­24 and Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II and current Duke of Edinburgh, is the patron of the awards program.

Scott is recognized in the following areas:

  • Community Service:  English Conversation Circle, HSC Events
  • Adventurous Journey:  Four day canoe trip in Algonquin Park
  • Skill: Piano
  • Physical Recreation:  Biking, Hiking, Basketball

In Royal Company


HSC congratulates Honorary Colonel Ron Foxcroft (HSC Builder, Parent of Alumni) on his invitation to meet Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II. Ron was one of three individuals from The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders to receive a formal invitation from the Queen, who is Colonel-in-Chief of the regiment. Her Majesty established the meeting to offer her personal condolences on the death of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, who was killed in Ottawa on October 22 by a rifle-toting man, to discuss the battle honour bestowed upon the regiment for service in Afghanistan, and other regimental business.