Senior School Monday Memo, September 29

Senior School Monday Memo

Senior School Launches E-Week Leadership Institute
HSC’s first Leadership Institute featured four modules from which students could choose – creative writing, design technology, science and medicine, and entrepreneurship.

E-Week Experiences I – Entrepreneurial Enterprises

Mike McCarthy prepares to time Tate Ruse in the shuttle drill at the NFL/CFL combine.
Mike McCarthy prepares to time Tate Ruse in the shuttle drill at the NFL/CFL combine.

In the entrepreneurial module, students interacted with leaders from different sectors of our economy and engaged in authentic activities that each of these leaders would deal with in their daily lives.

Entrepreneur Ron Foxcroft (parent of HSC alumni) had students work on making Fox 40 a more globally successful company. He also made available to a lucky student two platinum Toronto Raptors tickets through his role as an NBA referee supervisor. NFL and CFL scout Mike McCarthy (Seattle Seahawks, San Diego Chargers, New England Patriots, BC Lions, Montreal Alouettes, and Hamilton Tiger-Cats) had students scouting athletes and negotiating player contracts within the parameters of an actual CFL budget. Athletic performance was based on a NFL/CFL combine in which he had selected students participate. Students gained experience with tech start-up companies and learned about start up accelerator and incubator programs through trips to the Communitech Hub and Velocity Garage (University of Waterloo) in Kitchener, Ontario, and a visit from the Next 36 from Toronto.

At Inch-Hammond corporate lawyer students engaged in a corporate civil litigation through compiling affidavits of documents, drafting statements of claim and defence, and requesting summary judgments. The litigation was made all the more authentic by the budget given to each side of the lawsuit and the legal fees they incurred when seeking legal advice and initiating court actions, such as the summary judgments. Three lawyers from the firm spent the day with the students and actual money was involved in the action to make the simulation less of a simulation. Nunzio Tedesco (current HSC parent), a partner at KPMG, involved students in activities that had them role playing being a partner and managing a group of high powered professionals.

Numair Khan (current HSC parent), a marketing executive at Rubbermaid had students looking at and running ad campaigns. He also presented our students with an actual scenario his company went through recently and asked them to work through the issue and develop the solution. This issue was: should Rubbermaid Industrial sell its products on

Dr. Sherri Hill (parent of HSC alumni) of Appleby Dental, the highest revenue generating dentist office in Canada, had our students explore the business side of being a medical practitioner. All of the business components of her practice were explored to enlighten students on aspects of being a sole practitioner that are not taught in professional programs, such as dentistry.

The week was highly engaging and valuable to all.

  • Mr. Baker, Dr. Ryall, Mrs. Peragine

E-Week Experiences II – Medical Marvels

Students in the Science Eweek Module Visit the Ontario Science Centre
Students in the Medical Science E-Week Module Visit AstraZeneca’s Human Edge exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre

In the Medical Sciences module, we had an opportunity to take part in exciting trips and activities investigating the functioning of human body systems, as well as the diseases that are associated with them. Our students met with doctors and research scientists at McMaster University and St. Joseph’s Hospital, receiving advice on post-secondary education and insights into this career field. We heard details about research being conducted to develop treatments for lung and kidney diseases and about how the process of researching these new therapies operates. We studied the anatomy of human body systems at the Bodies Revealed exhibit in Niagara Falls, and were fortunate enough to have a hands-on experience in the human cadaver lab at the University of Guelph. To cap off the week, we explored the limits of the human body at AstraZeneca’s Human Edge exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre. We had an amazing week, learning a lot about medicine and human anatomy. The teachers would like to thank the students for their enthusiasm and participation in the activities.

  • Mr. Dawn, Dr. De Lazzari and Ms. Shakerinia

E-Week Experiences III – HSC’s Aspiring Authors on the Write Path

Students in the Leading with Words Eweek Module pose with our 2014-2015 Writer-in-Residence, Terry Fallis. Mr. Fallis visited HSC to conduct a workshop on writing humour.
Students in the Leading with Words E-Week Module pose with our 2014-2015 Writer-in-Residence, Terry Fallis. Mr. Fallis visited HSC to conduct a workshop on writing humour.

HSC’s Leading with Words excursion week inspired 33 of our aspiring writers in a variety of creative experiences, including workshops by six of Canada’s outstanding author-mentors. Our week began in The Hundred Story Wood, Eden Mills Writers’ Festival’s Young Writers Workshops, where students cycled through four diverse workshops by Kim Moritsugu (The Oakdale Dinner Club), Heather O’Neill (The Girl Who Was Saturday Night), Emily Pohl-Weary (Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl) and science journalist Dan Falk (The Science of Shakespeare).

Two in-class workshops later in the week by Anthony De Sa (Kicking the Sky – longlisted for the Toronto Book Prize) and our 2014-2015 Writer in Residence, Terry Fallis (No Relation), provided the students with ways to craft stories from objects and an inventory of humour writing techniques. The students viewed a memorable evening performance of King Lear, starring Colm Feore, participated in the production of a live literary radio show, The Poem Repair Shop, played word games at Gameopolis and toured the downtown streets of Hamilton and relaxed in the inspiring surroundings of the James Street Bookseller.

Teacher-led workshops by Mrs. Ingraham (culinary writing) and Messrs, Johnston and Hoad-Reddick (planning our @theHelm student newspaper) rounded out the week. On Friday, Mrs. Ingraham prepared an interactive, culturally-inspired luncheon where students were challenged to push their taste and sensory thresholds. We ended our Leading with Words extravaganza on Hamilton’s sun-filled lakeside reading excerpts from our week’s writing.  A big thank you to our enthusiastic students for their participation, our many hospitable hosts and our energetic teacher chaperones.

  • Mr. Hoad-Reddick, Mrs. Ingraham and Mr. Johnston

E-Week Experiences IV – HSC Media Masters

eWeek 2014! from HSC News on Vimeo.

Senior Cross Country Team: St. Marcellinus Bagpipe ClassicSenior Boys Senior Girls

The HSC Senior Cross Country Team entered its first meet at the St. Marcellinus Bagpipe Classic in Erindale Park, Mississauga, on Tuesday, September 23.  A record total of 31 students ran for our school!  Our runners truly exemplified our team motto: “Training takes discipline, racing takes courage.” HSC entrants were:

  • Midget Girls: Hanna Argo
  • Midget Boys: Pierre Roy, Lukas Faulkner, Jared Froese, Patrick Timmer, Ethan Riggs
  • Junior Girls: Emily Maradin, Grace Thompson, Mayah Moosajee
  • Junior Boys: Ting Shu, Thomas Lim, Tom Campbell, Michael Curtis, Jacob van Helder, Max Mo, Nitai Pandith
  • Senior Girls: Libby Beeden, Avery Sabo, Clarisse Connelly, Clara MacKinnon-Cabral, Jessie Kain, Georgie Beeden, Kathryn Slack, Olivia Arski
  • Senior Boys: Ruihan Wei, Eric Wang, Colby Parsons, Kevin Chen, Joseph Johnston, Arthur Liao, Lucas Grande

Out of the 40 or so schools competing, our team results were:

  • Senior Girls: 6th  (wow- that’s a breakthrough!!)
  • Senior Boys: 23rd
  • Junior Boys: 14th
  • Midget Boys: 11th

Special mention for the following strong individual performances in large fields of 200-300 runners per race:

  • Midget Boys Jared Froese (42nd), Patrick Timmer (51st), and Ethan Riggs (71st)
  • Junior Boys Tom Campbell (19th) and Ting Shu (29th)
  • Senior Boy Colby Parsons (16th)
  • Junior Girl Emily Maradin (62rd)
  • Senior Girls Jessie Cain (20th), Georgie Beeden (41st), Clarisse Connelly (64th), and Clara MacKinnon-Cabral (91st)

Dr. Ryall and Ms. Jones were impressed with all of the runners, many of whom ran with head colds and congestion. Also, at least a dozen of our students completed their very first cross country race! Thanks to the many parents who came out to cheer everyone on! Our next race is Tuesday, September 30 at Churchill Park, Hamilton, at the McMaster Marauder Classic. Go Trojans!

How My Idea for a Science Fair Project Ended up in a Publication

Ruihan Wei receiving awards for his Science Fair Project at the BASEF
Ruihan Wei receiving awards for his Science Fair Project at the BASEF

My name is Ruihan Wei and I am a Grade 10 student. This is my second year at HSC and I am glad to share my experience of publishing my first scientific article: “On the Relationship Between Viscosity and Surface Tension”. It was featured in the Journal of Emerging Investigators [], published by Harvard University. I began my project as a preparation for the Grade 9 HSC Science Fair under the supervision of my teacher, Dr. De Lazzari. Before the science fair, I read about the nature of fluids in a scientific book. Both features appeared in the text, and through coincidental association I realized that they have something in common. They both “stick”. When I was given the task to come up with a scientific project, they emerged into my mind again. At first it seemed obvious that there was a positive correlation between the two phenomena. However, after some simple research, I found little information on their relationship. The question then became interesting and worthy of investigation.

To my surprise, my first set of results did not show an evident relationship between the two features of water. Instead, they seemed not to be interfering with each other at all. To confirm the results, I did the same experiment with different materials and the data proved the same. I eventually accepted the results and attended the science fair. Most of the judges were surprised by my data too. Just like me, they took their understanding of the two phenomena for granted. I was selected by the science teachers to represent HSC at the Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair (BASEF) where the judges were also interested in my results. Most agreed with my explanation of the matter, while others suggested improvements. In general, they believed that the experiment was worth doing and the results had some significance. I received three awards at BASEF: Excellence in Science and Technology Award, Mohawk College and Sheridan College Tuition Award, and a Silver Merit Award, helping HSC receive the Herb Gildea Award, presented to the secondary school with best performance at the Fair.

After the science fair experience, I realized that if my project was published, it might be able to save others some time dealing with fluids since almost no articles were written purely on the relationship between viscosity and surface tension. It could also emphasize the fact that what is taken for granted might not always be the case. I enjoyed this experience and the opportunity, and encourage other students interested in science to keep working on their projects.

  • Ruihan Wei, HSC Grade 10

Grease is the Word! Save the Date…
Grease is the Word! Rehearsals have begun for the Senior School’s much anticipated fall musical, Grease! Boasting the largest cast in Senior School musical history, the buzz surrounding this production is already strong. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to see our amazing cast bring to life this movie and musical classic! Mark the date on your calendars for this exciting musical experience happening December 4, 5 and 6!

Tuesday Morning Basketball Resumes
Tuesday Morning Basketball Invitation Mrs. Ellis and Mr. Bulger are excited to host another year of basketball on Tuesday mornings. Students and faculty of all abilities are invited to join in on the games every Tuesday from 7 to 8:15 a.m. If you are looking to tune-up for your season, develop your skills, or simply stay active and enjoy a workout as you scramble around the court, then join us! Please e-mail us on FirstClass if you have any questions, and we hope to see some new faces come Tuesday!   Carrier poster