Montessori E-News, May 30


Learners for Life
How Montessori Education Builds Lifelong Learning

IMG_1044I am asked quite often to explain Montessori education and, tending to be on the verbose side, my listeners are in for a detailed description! If, however, I am asked to encapsulate the philosophy in one word, I always select “respect”. Of course, respect for each child’s learning style, developmental stage and their choice of work is crucial to our program, but respect goes further in a Montessori community. Our students learn to respect each other from an early age. We ask them to work co-operatively with peers and understand the value of the varying personalities in the class dynamic. We teach our children to see the commonalities we share and to celebrate how people or cultures may do things differently. The key is knowledge that leads to understanding and that, in turn, leads to rejoicing in what makes us a diverse community. While we honour this value every year at Caravan, it is the daily work and interactions of the children that builds an appreciation of diversity and empathy for others. This results in developing our students’ global view and their sense of citizenship.

Montessori Magnified
An up-close look at Montessori at HSC

It is almost here! Caravan is everyone’s favourite day and while we know the prospect of eating your way around the world is appealing, we know that the day offers us so much more. It is a true celebration of our community.

  • We see the learning of our students as they share what they have come to understand and also the journey they traversed to get to that point.
  • We see the connections they have made and the solutions they have found to their inquiring questions.
  • We see the skills they have developed to investigate topics of choice.
  • We see our parents and students, past and present, come together to honour what a special place community we share.

Pride & Joy

Parent Night & Cactus Ceremony
Thanks so much for your attendance at our year end parent night. Laura Flores Shaw was an amazingly informative speaker who addressed that the 21st century skills that schools are endeavouring to develop in students worldwide are embedded in our Montessori curriculum. Our students’ ability to think creatively, plan innovatively and become engaged in curriculum will serve them well in both their academic and real world experiences for years to come!

The highlight of the night was our M9s and their presentation of a cactus plant to their parents to represent mom and dad’s graduation from Montessori. It was so touching to see each child, in turn, call up their parents and thank them for providing them with the Montessori education at HSC! We choose the cactus as a symbol of the resiliency and adaptability of our students. Just like the plant, our students thrive in any condition, are able to adapt to their environment and when they bloom, it is brilliant!

Thanks to our graduating M9 parents for entrusting the care and education of your children to us. We remind you, as we do the children, that you will remain part of our Montessori community and Mrs. Lyons will always have a snack when you come to visit! Special thanks to Miss Moseley who purchases the plants each year for the parents, and to her and Mrs Whalen, who baked special cactus cupcakes for the graduating students.

M6 Student turned Published Writer
Congratulations to one of our M6 students, Radha Maria, for having one of her stories “Why you need to bring an umbrella to a picnic” selected to be published in the 2016 annual anthology of creative writing by the Poetry Institute of Canada. She submitted this work for this year’s Young Writers Creative Writing Contest and final winners will be announced in the late Fall. The anthology “Clouds of Butterflies” will have a registered ISBN with the National Library of Canada. Radha Maria has created all of her stories on her own along with the illustrations as well. We look forward to having your stories in our school library for our other students to read.

Destination Imagination
From May 24-28, 19 students from the Montessori and Junior Schools were in Knoxville, Tennessee for the Destination Imagination Global Finals. Since September, the M8/M9/Grade 3/Grade 4 students had been meeting weekly to work on one of four different challenges, which they presented in Knoxville. It was a great experience, with 20,000 people from more than 15 countries represented. The teams presented their unique solutions to STEM challenges alongside teams from 20 countries, and made many new friends and memories along the way. We are so very proud of all their hard work and determination this year. Thank you to all the team members and families who shared in this incredible experience!

Values in Action

Friday, June 17 is Caravan Day!

It is a time of great pride for all of our students and teachers. Our students are hard at work creating their art presentations, learning the songs and gathering their research for your enjoyment. When you come to see the students, we ask that you ask them questions about their projects, listen to their stories and share in their pride.

Each year we post timelines of the Sevens’ lives as well. The lifespan of each child is visually represented by a theme, which reflects an aspect of their life which brings them joy. The work they invested into creating the synopsis of their life was lengthy, requiring perseverance, determination and imagination. The end result is a representation of themselves of which they could not be prouder. 

On Caravan Day, as you travel through the school and see the fives, please ask them about their heritage. Talk to them about what they’ve learned because they too take great pride in their research and in all that they have learned about their heritage and culture. We are a proud school. Proud of our students, their work, personal achievements and the joy we see in our classrooms, and we hope to share this pride with you on Caravan Day.


On Friday, June 17, please join the Montessori school while we celebrate Caravan.  Performances will be held at 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

End of Year Trips – June 20, 2016

Twin Valley Zoo
The M3 and M4 students will travel by bus to the Brantford Twin Valley Zoo. The bus will leave HSC at 8:45 a.m. and will return in time for regular 11:30 a.m. dismissal/lunch. All of the M3 and M4 students will attend this trip during the morning session. The students are asked to wear their school uniforms, but to be in comfortable, weather-appropriate outerwear and shoes (hats, sunscreen, raincoats, etc. as necessary). Parent volunteers are not required for this trip.

Centreville Amusement Park
The M5 and M6 students will travel by bus to Centreville Amusement Park at Toronto Island. The bus will leave HSC at 9:00 a.m. and will return to the school at 3:00 p.m. Students are asked to wear their school uniforms, but to be in comfortable, weather-appropriate outer wear and shoes (hats, sunscreen, etc. as necessary).  Lunch and snacks will be provided. Parent volunteers are needed for this trip, if you’re interested please e-mail Ms. Malar at

African Lion Safari
The M7s will travel by bus to African Lion Safari, departing the College at 8:45 a.m. and returning in time for regular 3:20 p.m. dismissal. The students are asked to be in their HSC uniform, but to wear running shoes and to bring a swimsuit, towel, hat, sunscreen, etc. They are also asked to pack a water bottle, a healthy lunch and $5 for a snack.

clip_image001(1)M8 and M9 students will be playing team games and putting on a talent show for one another during the morning. They will continue their day by having a picnic for lunch on HSC campus. Students are asked to bring their own healthy lunch and snacks from home. In the afternoon the students will be going swimming at Westmount Pool.

Registration is now open for HSC Summer Camps!  Please visit our website for more information.

HockeyCampNewsRegister now for the HSC Pro Hockey Camp to spend one week with current and former NHL players that will help you learn new skills and improve development. Please visit our website for more information.